Bexhill Bulletin WB 9/9/19

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Autumn Term 2019/20 Week Beginning 9th  September 2019



Last week our Y4 children went swimming for the first time. Due to large number of pupils in this year group we felt the children did not get enough time in the water. Therefore we have changed it and the classes will alternate on a weekly basis. Please see the following dates:

17.9.19 Mr Mullick’s

24.9.19 Mr Hill’s

1.10.19 Mr Mullick’s

8.10.19 Mr Hill’s

15.10.19 Mr Mullick’s

22.10.19 Mr Hill’s

4.11.19 Mr Mullick’s

11.11.19 Mr Hill’s

18.11.19 Mr Mullick’s

25.11.19 Mr Hill’s

3.12.19 Mr Mullick’s

10.12.19 Mr Hill’s


We recommend that every child brings their swimming costume, swimming cap and towel every week, and leave it on their hanger, in school for their next swimming session. This way children and parents won’t forget their swimming kit.



This week our attendance is 96%, again we have had over 35 pupils absent this week.

Every week we are having an assembly based on Ant and Decs Saturday Night Take Away Show. Please see facebook for our weekly winners photos. Children with 100% attendance are chosen to play fun game etc.

Class DoJo

If you are a new parent at Bexhill or did not sign up to this last year, you dhould have had a code sent home. If you haven’t please let an adult know and we will help you get up and running.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

We are raising money for Macmillan Cancer again. Our coffee morning will be slightly different this year and will take place over 2 days. You will be allocated a time and date and you can attend with your child. If you can’t make it, you can either send an agreed adult in to meet your child or a donation and they can then enjoy a cake with the rest of their friends. Look out for more info coming soon. The dates are 25th and 26th September.


Every week children compete for as many DOJos as they can get for good behaviour, attitude and work. They then trade them in our shop at the end of each term. On a weekly basis they compete in their family groups to see who has the most. This week the winner was Austen. Children in Y6 are busy writing speeches and presentations to  be house Captains, the rest of the school will then vote after hearing all the candidates. We will keep you posted.



These are not permitted in school for health and safety reasons. Please ensure they are taken out on for school each day.










10th - Y4 Swimming to start

25th/26th Macmillan Coffee Morning


8th - Harvest Festival (Y5)

24th Spooky Disco

25th - school closed for inset. Children off fo half term and return on the 4th November.


4th  - Poppies on sale

15th - Children in need Day


3rd /4th parents evening

6th - Reception Class Xmas Play

9th - Panto production in school

10th - Y1/2 Xmas Play

11th SEN reviews

12th Y3/4 Xmas Play

17th - Y5/6 Xmas Play

18th - Winter Wonderland

19th Xmas Party Day

20th - Break up for xmas Hols