Our Curriculum

Our intent is to provide a bespoke curriculum which acknowledges our school’s unique characteristics and meets the needs of our children.  The aim is to provide opportunities for all children to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations.  Through the curriculum we deliver, Wise pupils will become understanding British citizens who make a positive contribution to their community and wider society.  Aspirational expectations will combine the acquisition of knowledge and the progressive development of skills to create a purposeful and imaginative learning journey for every child. 

The wise curriculum drivers are:-

  • SMSC
  • Oracy
  • Childhood Experiences
  • Basic Skills
  • Well-being
To find out more about how we plan and teach each of the specific subjects, please click on the image below. In here you will find our:
  • Subject Intent Statements
  • Golden Threads Mapping
  • Sequences of Learning
  • Knowledge and Skills Progression Documents
  • Knowledge Organisers

Bexhill's Curriculum