Our Ethos and Values

Our Mission Statement

‘To provide a high quality educational community which offers life changing opportunities in a safe, creative and exciting environment. All are valued and inspired to flourish and grow as individuals, leaving us believing the sky is the limit!’

In order to ensure that our mission is realised, all of our academies are governed by a firm set of non-negotiable standards, which all staff are held accountable to.


Bexhill Academy has a fully inclusive ethos where all members of the school community are encouraged to have high aspirations for themselves. Learning, leading to high academic attainment, is at the heart of each academy with all children, irrespective of inherent ability, striving to fulfil their potential. Learning experiences are woven into an exciting curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant, where children develop core basic skills which are transferable to everyday life situations.

Children develop as confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens in a safe, high quality learning environment which is up-to-date and equipped with the necessary technologies to prepare them for life in the twenty-first century. They have a strong voice along with their parents and wider stakeholders.  Comprehensive, extended provision supports children in developing specific gifts and talents and places the school at the heart of the community which it serves.
Bexhill Academy operates an open-door policy with parents, carers and the local community. All are welcomed into the Academy so that all can participate and share skills and experiences with the children.


Bexhill Academy is part of Wise Academies. In addition to a Local Governing Body, a Regional Board and Board of Directors oversees the work of the Academy, and takes a close interest in its performance and provision.  Further details can be found here .

We are always keen to hear from parents/carers who would be interested in becoming a member of the Governing Body; please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page if you're interested.

Our Governance information can be found over on the trust governance website here

Admissions Arrangements

Bexhill Academy is a non-selective school for the local community. As such, the admissions policy reflects the locally co-ordinated admissions scheme. After admitting students with a statement of SEN, followed by ‘Looked After’ children, the admissions policy for the Academy prioritises brothers and sisters of children at the school and those living closest to the Academy. Our admissions policy is available below.

Our admissions number (PAN) is 60; this means this year we will admit upto 60 pupils into our Reception classes. Our admission number has been 60 for three years, hence we have a capacity of 60 pupils per year group in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. From Year 3 upwards our capacity is 45 pupils per year group.

Applying for a place at Bexhill is easy. Like most Sunderland schools, it is handled by the Admissions team at the Local Authority. All the details you need are here

Pupil Premium Allocation

Pupil Premium Spend Statement 2021 is available here

Pupil Premium Spend Statement 2020 is available Here you can see how we have spent last years pupil premium allocation


PE and Sport Premium

Sports Premium Funding Report 2021 is available here

Sports Premium Funding Report 2020 is available here 

Sports Premium Impact Report 2020 is available here

All pupils in Y4(Autumn and Spring Term)  access swimming at Bexhill. We record how many children can swim confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25 metres using a range of strokes. Additional targeted swimming is given to those children that need it in the summer term as an attempt to ensure 100% of pupils can swim before they enter year 5. 
In 2020/2021 79% of our pupils left Bexhill being able to swim 25 metres.

School Performance


School: 77%

National: 77%

Exceeding standard in Reading 18%


School: 84%

National: 78%

Exceeding standard in Writing 21%


School: 86%

National: 79%

Exceeding standard in Maths 13%


School: 71%

National: 65%

Exceeding standard in Combined 7%

Average Scaled Score in the Reading Test - 102

Average Scales Score in the Maths Test - 104

Average progress between KS1 and KS2


Average Reading Progress in Reading - -1.6


Average Reading Progress in Writing - 1


Average Reading Progress in Maths - -0.3

DFE School Performance Tables and Ofsted Reports

The Government, via the Department for Education and Ofsted, publishes a range of information online. These are linked below.

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was in June 2019, where the school was judged 'good'. A copy of the report is below.

School Performance Table

Bexhill Academy Ofsted 2022

School Policies

WISE Policies

School Specific